Frequently Asked Questions


What type of drink containers do you accept?

We accept any drink containers that have the 10 cent refund logo on them. These include:

  • soft drink cans & bottles
  • beer bottles and cans
  • sparkling and still water bottles.

What type of drink containers do you NOT accept?

These include:

  • milk containers
  • wine bottles
  • flagons
  • casks
  • beer bottles and cans from overseas that do not have the 10 cent refund logo

Is this secure? Will people be going through our bin stealing the empties?

You do not leave your bin outside your premises. As part of the application you give us permission to attend your premises and remove the contents of our bin. That means one of our team will simply go to where you prefer to store your bin and wheel it out, empty it and put it back exactly where you had it.

When do you actually swap the bin?

We provide a weekly service and each area has its own designated swap day. You are advised to book your bin in when it is about 3/4 to give us plenty of time to schedule your bin swap..

What fees are associated with this service?

We take a small fee, as outlined in the application for supplying the bin and picking up the contents. It's worth it. If you did this yourself you'd be spending money on fuel, time and having to deal with all the mess.

I am a member of a sports club, they could use your service, do you do this for sports clubs and businesses?

Yes. Please let us know who to contact and we shall arrange everything. We provide bins for residential homes, sports clubs, businesses, scouts, guides, cubs, schools and anyone who organises functions.

How long will it take to get a bin?

Please allow up to 4 weeks as we are flat out like a lizard drinking. We'll keep you informed of when it will arrive.



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